Eligible Age
7 – 14 years old

Programme Focus
Basic Care:
Meals, Bath and Rest

Homework Supervision:
Academic focus time to ensure homework completion at the stipulated homework time.
Parents need to acknowledge the homework chart on a daily basis.
Assessment and In-house worksheet will be given out after the completion of school homework.

Thematic Activities:
Arts and Craft
Group Project

School Holiday Activities – Outdoor:
Educational Fieldtrip
Telematch Games
Playground Session

Weekly Zumba

Community Service Project

Fee Structure
Registration Fee (non-refundable) $ 50.00 + 7% GST
Deposit (One-month) $250.00
Monthly Fee $250.00 + 7% GST
Mattress Fee $ 36.00 + 7% GST
Insurance Fee(annually) $ 3.00 + 7% GST
Supplementary Fee(annually) $120.00 + 7% GST
Holiday Surcharge (per week) $ 10.00 + 7% GST
Emergency Day Care (per day) $ 15.00 + 7% GST


  • At least one parent must be a Singapore citizen or PR
  • The child attending the SCC must be:-
    • A Singaporean citizen or PR
    • Between 7 to 14 years of age
  • Combined gross monthly income of both parents must not exceed S$4000.00 OR Per Capita Income below S$850 if family member is more than 5.