Say HELLO to the Holidays!

It’s the end of school term and time for all students to grin from ear to ear!!

RSCians (the term used to identify a student or teacher from Rivervale Student Care) had loads of fun as a family throughout this holidays. There were numerous enjoyable yet enriching activities and programmes that had taken place which include excursions, visits to community service centres and many more. The following is a sharing of what December looked like from the eyes of a RSCian…..

On a weekly basis, the teachers would bring the students for a visit to Compass One  library. This will not only develop a love for reading in the students and cause expansion in their learning aspects, but, it also bring happiness in the students to be in a different environment.

On December 8th, some students were brought to Gardens By The Bay. In lieu of the Christmas Season, most of the decor were related to the mentioned festive and students enjoyed taking pictures with the attractive sceneries.  Students especially loved being in the Cloud Forest Dome where there was a huge waterfall right in front of the entrance. It makes them elated to be near the cooling waters and to hear the splashes of the waterfall. They were intrigued by the beauty of nature and colourful breath-taking flowers and plants. Some were so surprised that cacti can grow into huge plants when they saw them in the Flower Dome. It was a pleasurable sight to see the students being enthusiastic and inquisitive on mother nature  and how appreciative they have become. Check out the pictures of the students smiling and posing with the Santa Clause and flowers.

11th December 2018 was another exciting day for the RSCians as students visited the Singapore Zoo. They were accompanied by a group of volunteers as well as some friends from Clementi Student Care. The students were divided into groups and were facilitated by a pair of volunteers who acted as their group tour. The students were delighted to spot different animals and enjoyed a number of animal shows and displays. At the end of the visit, the students were more ecstatic to receive gifts from the volunteers. What makes it more special was that the gift was a water bottle customised with individual names on it.

Additionally, the students visited Comnet Senior Services on 20th December 2018. The purpose of this visit was to expose the students to community involvement and instilling values of contributing to the society into the students. The students were accompanied by 2 teachers and made the day for the senior citizens by conducting some activities for them. The student chatted with the elders and carried out an Iron Beading activity. Various shapes and miniature pieces were moulded by the RSCians and the elders.

In conclusion, December resembled a holistic period of fun and learning journey for the students of Rivervale Student Care Centre. The time spent and the joy and laughter each and every child had, made every individual a better being. Moreover, the ties between student and teacher as well as the bond between students were made stronger through these activities and excursions. 2017 has come to an end and  a better year will come for RSCians.